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Antelope Pico High Speed

Using the Antelope Pico HS camera, Mark was able to capture unique footage of swimming and diving. Working closely with Polecam we can now offer the Pico camera for live OB's. With the polecam connected via fibre, the replay operator can be situated in the scanner and offer instant replays whilst capturing live footage from the ongoing event. Our high speed rig offers a new dimension to TV broadcasts enabling previously unseen sports footage.
Currently working on Squash, Badminton, Motor racing, Horse racing and Swimming, the Polecam Antelope Pico is the latest camera system for live OB's.
Swimming and Diving footage we shot can be seen here
Hi Speed Polecam



Champions Drink Responsibly

7 Times Formula 1 World Champion Michael Schumacher teamed up with Bacardi Limited to help spread the message that Drinking and Driving don't Mix. For this campaign we supplied the incar camera equipment to shoot  adverts that simulate the effects of drink driving. Over 30 VIP's were also treated to a couple of laps which we recorded live video to USB memory sticks using our latest incar system. This unique equipment enables video graphic overlays, picture in picture and GPS track positioning to be recorded on USB stick, CF card or video tape separately or at the same time.



Royal Welsh

With over 200,000 visitors packed into the Royal Welsh show ground our polecam was ideal for quick relocation. This was the 1st time the BBC had used the polecam at this event and it enabled dynamic crane shots from otherwise impossible areas. Mark is pictured here with TV presenter Rhodri Owen interviewing Gwen Davies the Lady Ambassador and Lucinda Dargavel the 2009 Lady Ambassador.



Goodwood Festival of Speed 2008

For the past several years Mark has been requested to operate his polecam at Goodwood FOS. Great experience and expertise is required at this level of event with hundreds of priceless cars and drivers just inches from the camera lens. He is pictured here as Lewis Hamilton gets ready to launch.



Seiko Television Commercial

Mark recently operated our polecam for the Seiko Sportura Television commercial. This has been broadcast worldwide and can be viewed on the Seiko website.



Digital Link Jockey cam

Another 1st by Feedback Systems is our onboard jockey camera system using miniature Digital video links. This body worn camera system has been developed to eliminate the need of a manned analogue receiver to track the jockey. The receive antennas are mounted on the OB Scanner with  the camera and transmitter being part of a purpose built body mount. This is quick and easy to rig on different jockeys enabling coverage of all races.



Goodwood Festival of Speed

Mark and his polecam were positoned at the start of the ultimate motor racing event for the 2nd year running, The greatest drivers including Sir Stirling Moss, Fittipaldi, Derek Bell, Colin McRae, Andy Green and the latest star Lewis Hamilton were all filmed as they blasted off the start line. Over 250 starts/day were shot and sent as SDI via 1 mile of fibre to the Scanner. Footage was shown live on Big screens with TV and DVD programmes to follow.



Faraday 07 Winning Formula Lecture

Held at Sadler's Wells in London, this exciting lecture with interactive demonstrations utilised our polecam alongside five other cameras. All video signals were fed to a mixer, cut live to big screen and streamed onto the internet. A DVD has also been produced of this for The Institution of Engineering and Technology



VW Touareg Advert - Currently on Sky Interactive and VW website

For this shoot the polecam was mounted onto a geared head  fixed to a dolly on several lengths of track. This became a 3 man operation which enabled full control of camera in all axis. It worked perfectly, the client was impressed and the director decided to shoot the whole advert using the polecam. The results can be seen on Sky interactive and on VW's web site.


Spiderweb Man - BBC Comic Relief

A fight scene was required to take place at the top of Tower Bridge for Spiderweb Man. Being impossible to shoot this from outside we used the polecam through a window in one of the walkways. This gave the point of view of Spiderweb Man (Rowan Atkinson) looking down at the Thames whilst hanging on to a ledge. Other scenes from around the City were also used  as templates and overlayed with the actor in post production.

World Indoor Bowls - BBC Sport

The 2005 World Championship in Sheffield was the 1st time the polecam had been used for live bowls coverage. With a Digital Microwave Link mounted onto the rig we were able to offer shots unavailable from the line cameras. We used a similar rig at the 2006 International Open in Hopton. Again, this is a situation where a conventional jib is too large to be used and could easily disrupt the players concentration.




3D polecam F1 1st

Working alongside Can Communicate our 3D polecam was used to shoot the Virgin F1 pre-season testing at Jerez - Spain
The 3D polecam was fitted with 2 Toshiba IK-HD1 cameras and 2 x Convergent Design Flash XDR recorders. Mark operated the 3D rig in the pit lane, on the start line and in the garage capturing previously unseen camera shots. The footage was cut together with that of other 3D camera rigs and used to produce a 3D film for screening in Virgin F1's hospitality suites.
This was the 1st time a 3D polecam had been used in a Formula 1 environment.




Bonhams Auction - Paris

Fitted with the Toshiba IK-HD1 camera and the Sony XDCAM disk recorder our High Def polecam was used to shoot Automobiles d'Exception a Retromobile for Bonhams Auctioneers. A live feed was supplied to a video wall with 3 x 1hr Discovery programs to follow. Footage of the 'Barn find' Bugatti Type 57S which sold for a record 3.4 million Euros was shown on world wide news feeds.


The Lakeland Challenge

Portability and quick relocation was key for this event. Competitors in the Ford Ranger Lakeland Challenge had to row 10.5 miles of Lake Windermere, cycle 27 miles and then climb 3,208 ft. With various locations to be covered, our polecam was a perfect choice for this shoot.



Bahrain Drag Racing

Mark travelled to Bahrain earlier this year to shoot Dragster racing with his polecam and is seen here shooting at night when it's a cooler 100 degrees! We also used our solid state mini-cam system to capture footage from in and around the cars.



Royal Navy ABA Championship

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Amateur Boxing Association finals made use of our polecam at Crystal Palace. A dynamic video was produced and footage has recently been re-edited to produce their promotional video which can be seen here on the Royal Navy website.




Mobil 1 Comparison Sequence

The ultimate test that shows just how fast an F1 car really is. Our polecam was used for the start and at various track locations around Silverstone for this shoot out between a Mercedes C350, CLK 63AMG Black, AMG C class DTM and the McLaren F1 MP422. The result which can be seen on the McLaren website is quite staggering.



My Earth Dream Honda F1 Launch

March 2007 took us to Sepang in Malaysia for the launch of the Honda RA107. This was an opportunity to use our latest camera which gave excellent results for such a high profile shoot.
Footage from this shoot can be seen here on Honda Racing Television
Honda F1 website
and more information about this radical approach to F1 can be found at



2006 Land Rover G4 Challenge

Starting in Bangkok the convoy of 60 vehicles moved across the Mekong River into Laos. Then across the globe to Rio de Janeiro and onto Bolivia. We then went on reaching altitudes of over 4000m with weather conditions from scorching hot to -19 which put the camera equipment and crew to the ultimate test. Footage is being shown worldwide and the finished UK programme can be seen in August on CH4


Honda F1 Launch

For the 2nd year running we have been involved with the official launch for BAR F1 team. The portability of the polecam enabled us to shoot the car from inside the garage, in the pit lane and on the start grid. Although this is a launch, the team still treat it as a serious test and great care and experience is needed in these situations. The shots obtained, especially over the car and driver in the garage would not be possible without using our polecam.


The Shakespearience - Stratford-upon-Avon

A dynamic new attraction in the heart of Stratford upon Avon, presenting Shakespeare in a unique and thrilling way with ground breaking technology and special effects.

Presented by Quentin Wilson, this video utilised our  polecam at various locations around  Stratford including Shakespeare's house, birthplace, Holy Trinity Church and even his bedroom.

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